6 Money-saving car leasing tips

If you don’t want to buy a car, there is plenty of appeals to leasing a car. For example, if you lease a car you can pay monthly payments, which can be significantly less than buying a car outright. The down payment can be small. The vehicle is brand new and covered by a warranty and it can help you get on track for purchasing/leasing a new car in short time. Although there is plenty of perks and benefits, you can find yourself in some sticky situations. That’s why we have put together a few money saving tips to keep you on track.

  1. Be sure to avoid leases that extend beyond the car’s factory warranty. One the main perks of leasing a car is based solely on the protection this warranty gives you, without it, you can be at high risk of paying out more money!
  2. In order to keep your monthly payment as low as possible, make sure you steer away from cars that depreciate faster than others or faster than average.
  3. Ask to buy extra miles up front if you have a feeling you may run over the standard allotment. Most car leasing companies will give you the money back at the end of your lease if you haven’t used all your additional miles. Any mileage overage will come at an increased rate.
  4. You should always negotiate the car price as if you were going to buy it. Only once you have a solid price in place, you should bring up the topic of leasing.
  5. Make sure to keep note of any end-of-lease procedures and fees. This can be anything from returning the car with nearly new tires or the cost of certain damages. After you have discussed with the leasing company and you feel comfortable these policies are clear and fair, go ahead and sign your lease.

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How to Maintain Your Car: Know when Your Axle is failing

You rely a great deal on your car on a daily basis. When something starts to go wrong with your car, you may not know what to do. Unfortunately, some people tend to ignore or muddle through when their car starts to act up. This can lead to disastrous results. In the case of your axles, nothing could be worse than to ignore the signs of trouble. As your axle is the part of your car attached to your wheels that keeps them rotating, it goes almost without saying that your car wont function if it fails. Knowing the signs of impending axle failure will help you to avoid vehicular disaster in the future.

car Axle

What’s Happening When You Try To Turn?

If you axle is becoming problematic, turning your car will start to feel and sound different than it did before. You may begin to hear a strange clicking sound when you are turning your vehicle. This clicking sound is a telltale sign that you axle is about to fail.

Do not ignore clicking sounds as you turn your car. You do not want to be in the vehicle when the axle fails. Get your car to the mechanic as soon as possible.

Why Is Your Car Rumbling So Much?

When you are driving your car, you know better than anyone else what sounds and sensations are normal and which are not. If you car suddenly begins to rumble a great deal more than normal, or begins to shudder and vibrate particularly when turning and/or accelerating, you likely have a broken axle or an axle that is about to break.

Do not continue driving if this is occurring every time you accelerate or turn. Get the car to a certified mechanic immediately. They will be able to determine if the axle is the culprit and will be able to repair or replace it before further damage is done to your vehicle. You can find much cheaper car parts if you decide to buy them online. We highly recommend where you can find everything you need for your car for affordable prices. [Read more…]


UK Driving Laws to Note – These Have Changed Recently

It is really important to stay aware of the driving laws, to make sure that you are not breaking any by mistake. Ignorance is no defence, so read on to make sure that you comply with all of the new laws. Pass ‘N’ Go will make sure that you are aware of the changes and avoid prosecution which could lead to prison, fines or points.

Drug Driving

From March 2nd 2015 there have been much stricter rules on drivng under the influence of drugs. These include legal and illegal drugs. The illegal drugs are LSD, Ketamine, Heroin, Ecstacy, Cocoaine and Cannabis and prescribed drugs include Clonazepam, Temazepam, Flunitrazepam and Diazepam. If you are not sure whether the drug or the doze is safe, then it is best to just not drive. Read all instruction in packets on prescribed drugs and check with GP or pharmacist if you are not sure. If you do not know what you have taken, then just do not drive.

Driving Licence Paper Counterpart

In 1998 there was a new plastic card and paper counterpart driving licence issued. From June 8th 2015 this paper part was no longer issued so you just need a photocard instead. The DVLA hold all of the penalty notices and licence status information on a database instead. If you still have a paper licence, then check carefully as you may need to upgrade it to a photo one. [Read more…]


Advice for reducing your motoring costs

Changing your attitudes when driving can help to bring the cost of motoring down, leading van lease company Northgate has advised.

motoring costs

The firm has recommended that motorists alter how they act when behind the wheel, by aiming to:

  • Change gears before the rev count becomes too high, in order to avoid putting undue strain on the car’s engine.
  • Take corners smoothly, so that less stress is placed on a vehicle’s steering components and its suspension system.
  • Adopt a more relaxed approach to accelerating, as this will put less pressure on a car’s clutch.
  • Opt to brake less harshly, due to this manoeuvre causing brake pads to wear down a lot quicker than they should.

As well as changing your driving habits in order to reduce the amount of wear-and-tear placed on a vehicle, Northgate acknowledged: “With many insurers offering cost reductions for gentle cornering and braking, sensible acceleration and even the location of the vehicle, the potential cost savings are significant.”

More tips on saving money by altering how you drive can be found by reading Northgate’s entire blog post on the topic.

The advice comes soon after RAC Fuel Watch research revealed that between June 24th — the day the UK’s EU Referendum result was announced — and July 12th, the average price of unleaded petrol rose by 0.54p at forecourts throughout the UK. There was a 0.73p increase in the average price of diesel in the same period too.

On top of this, Brian Madderson, the Chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association, predicted in June that the pound’s plunge against the dollar would be reflected by the nation’s wholesale fuel prices. This is because the price is quoted in dollars.


European road rules quiz

Countries throughout Europe will have their own unique road rules. It is important that you are aware of each of these rules, so that you don’t end up breaking the law inadvertently when travelling across the continent.

See how well you can distinguish between the likes of Dutch drivers and Cypriot car owners by taking this European road rules quiz compiled by used van retailer Van Monster:

road rules


What does a yellow diamond sign with a diagonal black line running through it mean when driving in France?

a) Yellow vehicles aren’t allowed
b) You are travelling on a priority road
c) The end of a priority road has been reached

How many red warning triangles must you carry in your vehicle if you’re not a resident of Spain?

a) 3
b) 2
c) 1

What is the meaning behind the phrase ‘zona traffico limitato’ when it’s seen on a sign in Italy?

a) The area ahead is open to traffic
b) The area ahead is restricted to traffic
c) The area ahead is restricted to pedestrians

In Cyprus, which side of the road do you drive on?

a) Right
b) Left
c) Either

When driving in Belgium, what are the rules when it comes to using a mobile phone?

a) A hands-free system is the only accepted method of using your mobile phone when driving
b) A mobile phone can be used freely when driving
c) A mobile phone can’t be used at all when driving

In the Netherlands, what should you do if a tram or bus stops in the middle of the road to allow passengers on and off?

a) Stop
b) Overtake the transport from the left, so long as it is safe to do so
c) Overtake the transport from the right, so long as it is safe to do so

When can you use spiked tyres on your vehicle when driving in Denmark?

a) They can be used all year round
b) Between April 16th and October 31st of each year
c) Between November 1st and April 15th of each year


  1. C

This sign means that you are now travelling on a road whereby you must yield when reaching any subsequent intersections.

  1. C

You are only required to carry one red warning triangle when you are driving in Spain but not a resident of the country. Meanwhile, it is compulsory for residents to carry two.

  1. B

When translated, ‘Zona Traffico Limitato’ means ‘Limited Traffic Zones’. Often used around Italy’s historical areas, their purpose is to ease congestion and limit the amount of pollution witnessed around these usually popular sites.

  1. B

Motorists drive on the left hand side of the road in Cyprus, just like in the UK. Malta and the Republic of Ireland are the two only other EU nations to drive on the left.

  1. A

Use your mobile phone while driving in Belgium, and you are at risk of a fine. However, this penalty does not apply if you access your device via a hands-free system.

  1. A

Also be aware that trams have priority over other forms of transport in the Netherlands.

  1. C

During this time, spiked tyres must be fitted to all four wheels of your vehicle if used.

How well do you know your European road rules? If you feel you could benefit from some further knowledge on this topic, read these in-depth country-by-country guides provided by Avis and the AA.


What Can We Learn from Inchcape’s Luxurious New Showroom? Plenty!

Technology has spurred multiple changes across industries, with some changes being more disruptive than others. But can we take something as old fashioned as an in-person showroom and jazz things up? After looking at the news about Inchcape’s new showroom in West London, it seems like the answer is a resounding yes.

The new facility can be found by heading right off the A4 on Capital Interchange Way in Brentford. The space is so large that it supports 90 vehicles on four decks. The facility is large enough that it requires 70 people to help keep things running smoothly. This endeavor is now finished and this showroom is considered the largest of its kind yet. Constructed over a 1.6 acre site, there’s certainly plenty of room for everything. Customers will not feel trapped by the space in any way.

Plenty of delights are in place to excite Inchcape’s audience. Instead of having to wait for sales assistance, the customer is now empowered to look through the selection on their own. They can do this by using tablets or touchscreens that are scattered around the showroom.

Waiting on your car to be serviced can be quite lengthy, but the entire showroom has Wi-Fi offered as a complimentary service. Now you can sit, surf the Web and stay in the loop with zero hassle.

We can learn a lot from Inchcape’s showroom, because they are so incredibly focused on taking care of the customer. Over 28 service bays are on the property, where expert technicians can take care of just about any problem a vehicle could have. These experts are trained in the latest diagnostic techniques straight from the manufacturer, which means that it’ll take them less time to take care of your needs.

The most impressive feature of note would have to be the 140 inch moving video walls, where the staff can project just about any image they desire. We could also see this being great for sales trainings, which could make the team much more responsive as a whole.

The showroom is in a very high profile, high visibility location, just to the west of central London. Between all of the high tech touches and the attention to customer needs, it’s very likely that the largest Volkswagen UK showroom will soon become a market leader and example for everyone else to study, analyze, and imitate.


Can a New Name Still Communicate Old Traditions?

Lookers plc group is a well known entity in the car dealership space, managing multiple brands across the UK. They are regarded as one of the biggest motor groups in the country, coming in as a solid second in the marketplace. What makes Lookers so formidable is that they pursue strategic acquisitions that not only grow their brand, but expand their marketplace. Today’s consumers are hunting for not just good cars, but the best experience possible. Pulling multiple brands under one umbrella gives the company an opportunity to have a consistent product, both on the car side as well as the service side.

For an acquisition to make sense, it has to have benefits on both sides. For Benfield, the company most recently acquired by Lookers, it was a chance to have greater investment, expand offerings, and reinforce service commitments.

Currently, Benfield working with the parent company to rebrand all dealerships under the name Lookers. It’s an exciting time, because customers will see the changes, but Lookers is already prepared for concerns and questions.

They want to make it clear to customers that no services are being taken away. If anything, the acquisition is a net positive for the current customer base, as well as all prospective customers.

Lookers reports that so far, customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. Does that mean a new name can still communicate the old traditions of the newly acquired company? Lookers is betting on that fact. After all, Benfield had 30 dealerships and retail outlets in its own right, not a small number at all within this industry.

Company representatives indicate that the rebrand is going to be a slow transition, with as much notification as possible given to current customers. Clearly this approach seems to have a definite element of careful planning, coupled with a bold decision to move forward and focus on creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Grainger Air Conditioner Compressor

Grainger creates some of the most reliable air conditioner compressors. The air conditioner plays a huge role in the car. The main part or central part of the air conditioner is the compressor. Cooling of the interior of the vehicle is possible due to the coolant compression. For compression to take place, there needs to be coolant depression. Once depression takes place, there is the delivery of cold air into the conditioner. When you switch on your car’s air conditioner, this is the process that takes place every time. The air conditioner compressor usually requires a lot of energies, and that is why you find many users do not use it a lot.

The compressor for your AC usually operates directly from the electric motor or the automobile engine. You will find that there are different kinds of air conditioner compressors from Grainger. These include piston compressor, swash plate compressor, and the rotary compressor. You always need to make sure that the air conditioner is in good condition for maximum operation. There are many reasons as to why you would need to replace your conditioner. The most common problem is having a torn V-belt. If your entire AC collapses and stops functioning, it is important that you get it entirely replaced. You may find that that replacing the entire AC is expensive, but it is worth it. Sometimes it is possible to only fix the air conditioner compressor.

Air Conditioner Compressor

It would be much cheaper and affordable to only replace the air conditioner compressor, rather than replacing the entire system. This must be done by an expert at the car shop. Without the right knowledge, you cannot manage replacing the compressor on your own. To be able to save your money when buying a new Grainger air conditioner compressor, make sure to compare prices at various high-end car spare part shops, so as to get quality equipment.

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Biofuel biodiesel

Biofuel or biodiesel is one of the most important types of fuel that is being used as an alternative of fossil fuels. The energy biofuels and biodiesel produce are counted as green energy. The reason is that they keep the pollution level in control unlike the sources of black energy like coal and petroleum. They do not increase the temperature of the earth by producing the green house gases.

Moreover the price of these materials is quite low if compared to that of the conventional fuels. Hence many people are switching over to this as it is cost effective and good for the health of our planet. The general resources of these biofuels are plant and animal wastes which are quite rich in carbon content.

Biofuel biodiesel

But there are few alcohols which can also be used as biodiesel as they are easily soluble in water and can combust easily to generate energy. Often it is advised to use biodiesel as a mixing factor with the mineral diesel and the content of biofuel can go up to 15% of the total amount of fuel used.

Biodiesel can be considered as a more powerful solvent when compared to the regular mineral diesel. They do not generally block the fuel filter with the waste particles as the long usage of the mineral diesel can do. So before you start using biodiesel in your car you will be required to replace the old filter with a new one.

This will keep the tank and the pipes of the car perfectly clean with less waste production and this is why you just need to get them changed after long intervals. Hence the result of biodiesel usage is clean and a more efficient car. Sometimes ethanol which is also called the green substitute of normal diesel is used as biofuel or biodiesel.

Always make sure the engine of the car is compatible with it. Vegetable oil is another option that can be used as biodiesel but they are thicker by nature and this has been replaced with other alternatives now-a-days. The usage of biodiesel in cars is very popular in Europe as this is obviously in pure condition gives out the lowest emission.


Super Cars For The Super Rich

For most of us, owning a sports car is purely a dream, but the super-rich are known to store them like toys. Why we’re sitting drooling over posters a 21 year old star is picking out his latest supercar as if it’s a chocolate bar on a supermarket shelf.

But there are some cars that even the super-rich drool over the thought of owning. Here are my favourite 5. Enjoy!

Bugatti Veyron Super Sports

Bugatti Veyron Super Sports

The standard Bugatti Veyron costs around $1.5 million which would even be out of reach for some millionaires but it takes a serious millionaire to afford the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports. At an ego-crushing $2.4 million this super car is the fastest accelerating car on the market reaching 0-60 in a miniscule 2.5 seconds. What’s more is that this beauty reached a whopping 267 mph when tested in July 2010. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sports is by far the most expensive street legal car available to buy today.

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

This 250 remains in the mint condition today as it was back in 1957. This old Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa sold for a staggering $16.4 million back in August 2011 making it the second most valuable Ferrari model and gaining a new world record auction price for a car. During the short 12 month production only two factory cars and 19 customer cars were built.

Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77

This two door coupe was fully revealed at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The name ‘One 77’ come from the 77 units produced. With a naturally aspirated 7.3 litre V12 engine and 750 hp the ‘One 77’ reaches 0-60 in 3.4 seconds with a maximum recorded speed of 220. The One-77 features a full carbon fibre monocoque chassis, a handcrafted aluminium body making it the beauty that it is all for $1.8 million.

Lamborghini Reventon

2009 Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

At $1.6 million the Reventon is the most powerful and expensive Lamborghini ever built. With a top speed of 211 mph the Reventon takes 3.3 seconds to reach 60 mph. The reason for the extreme price tag is down to its rarity. It takes a real millionaire to own one of the 20 produced.

Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg Agera R

Reaching 0-60 in 2.8 seconds the Swedish Koenigsegg Agera R has a maximum speed of a whopping 270 mph and runs on biofuel. The speed of the $1.6 million super car is capped at 235 mph, however upon completion of certain paperwork, Koenigsegg will kindly unlock the speed limit for one occasion only.