Why I’ll never go for dirty cheap

They say all that glitters isn’t gold, and it’s certainly the case of all that’s cheap isn’t cheap. My sister got a cheap lease car, and with every servicing it cost her an arm and a leg and more. Not helped by the unhelpful ‘sell em high, flog em cheap’ attitude of the people she went to lease from. My experience wasn’t bad at all, as I opted for a local leasing broker who was an accredited BVRLA member. My boss ended up using the same company based on my glowing reference, and he opted for a Golf lease, which he got at a bargain with sign writing included!

car leasing
All I can say is that an experience with car leasing can be brilliant if you choose wisely, and really decide what it is you’re looking for. If you want a cheap car with no frills, then that’s fine, but it’s important to recognise that when you need a car maintained or service you will be forking out more than if you got an all in one deal like I did. Why should you get an all in one package I hear you ask? With servicing, maintenance factored into a lease quote, it doesn’t usually come up to too much more, and there are many who say it’s been fully worth it for the fact that they can just drop their car in for a service without needing to fill in bundles of paper work or forms. Hassle free, easy transport. That’s what I like!


Personal Contract Purchase Explained

It used to be that the most common and popular way of acquiring a car was to purchase one outright and take ownership of the vehicle. In today’s current financial climate however, it’s much more beneficial to simply lease a car and make monthly payments. Out of all of the leasing options available – Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is one of the most popular.

One of the most important steps in looking into PCP is to first acquire a quote. This can help you research the prices that you’ll have to pay as well as let you view the details of the contract you’ll be entering into. Points that are worth considering when negotiating your contract are:

– Contract length

– Annual mileage estimate

– Deposit value

– Finance amount

All of these factors contribute towards the interest rate that will be supplied by the finance provider. The finance provider will also estimate a guaranteed future value (GFV) – this GFV takes into account a variety of details that they can use to figure out how much the vehicle will eventually be worth. To do this the details they use include:

– Age of the car at end of term

– Depreciation

– Estimated annual mileage

If you’re satisfied with the PCP contract that you’re entering into then a small deposit is required, after that monthly payments are made. At the end of your contract there are two options for you to take. You can take ownership of the vehicle by making a lump sum payment (equivalent to the projected future value), or use the difference between the actual cars value and the GFV to actually acquire a new car.

PCP is an immensely beneficial deal and hopefully after reading this you feel a little more confident on the subject, as well as knowing if it’s the right option for you.


How Vauxhall Leasing can Ease Financial Woes

Vauxhall Motors is one of Britain’s most successful brands. A key automotive exporter, they’ve supplied people across the planet with fantastic, well-designed vehicles that have provided them with years of enjoyment. For decades Vauxhall has been at the forefront of innovation and reliability, but for a lot of people, the simple fact is that they just can’t afford a brand new car at the moment.

Because of the concerns that have plagued the world’s financial markets over the years, a lot of people have had to adjust their budgets. Whether in a personal or commercial sense, people across the planet are making serious cuts to their monthly outgoings. The only problem is though that, for a lot of people, having access to a car is an absolute necessity…

Vauxhall leasing is a fantastic way for people to own a fantastic car for an affordable price. Thousands across the globe are discovering the advantages of car leasing by the day, especially when it comes to owning a car brand such as a Vauxhall. With Vauxhall leasing, people are able to hire the car on a short-term basis, negating the need to pay for matters such as maintenance and more.

The flexibility afforded with Vauxhall leasing is incredible. As soon as the contract has run its course, people can then return the car to their leasing agent. Such a system can be a financial lifesaver for people that need access to a quality car at certain times, but aren’t able to afford one in their current financial situation. Vauxhall leasing is a wonderful option for a lot of people, which is why car leasing has become such a great solution for people from all backgrounds.

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Get a Taste of Luxury by Renting a Super Luxury Car for the Weekend

Do you want to live in style and really experience the type of luxury that celebrities, businesspeople and the rich and powerful overall enjoy? It’s no secret that many people want to do this, so you shouldn’t feel weird because you want to do the same.

Take luxury cars for example. We’re not talking about your entry level Mercedes Benz…more like your Porsche Carrera or Boxster. You will need to make sure that you have deep pockets if you want to pick up any one of these. The truth is that if you don’t have that type of money, seeing one of those cars in your driveway is highly unlikely…or is it?

Luxury car rental is one of the great trends sweeping the car world, and it’s allowing regular people to live like millionaires for a weekend.

While it’s true that you will still need to be able to afford the rental fees, it’s not like you will have to be a multimillionaire to do it. Generally speaking, the amount that you will pay depends on how you actually pursue luxury car rental.

For example, some clubs require you to put down a large investment to hold a vehicle for you, as well as giving you a set amount of time during the year that you can us e the car. This is along the lines of fractional ownership, which can be appealing to some people. If you know there are set times of the year when you really want to go out and show the world that you have style and sophistication, you can definitely go this route.

However, what if you don’t have the upfront cash for fractional ownership? You can rent an exotic car the way you would a regular one — just be prepared to spend a lot more on it!

A super luxury car is a great way to really show off, and it can make you feel better about the milestones in your life. For example, you might have just gotten a new job that pays very well, or you might be celebrating the success of someone else in the family. No matter what your reasons are, the truth is that there are very few times where it’s not a good idea to celebrate with luxury car rental — why not get started today?


How Valuable Company Car Leasing is

In recent years private registrations have dropped steadily, less individuals and businesses are purchasing their vehicles outright nowadays. The financial climate of the UK at the moment is not actually the only reason for this, another factor that this can be attributed to is how valuable Company Car Leasing is to a business. Many companies decide that it’ll be much more beneficial for them to invest in Company Car Leasing rather than buy vehicles for their staff.

It’s not hard to see why this can be more profitable for a business but it’s still important to understand all of the other advantages that come with leasing. In essence a leased car is being rented, the car is still owned by the leasing company and monthly payments are made to drive it. This may seem complicated but it can actually be more cost-effective than making a lump payment to purchase a vehicle

One aspect of leasing that means a lot to professional businesses is concerning the image and presentation of staff. Leasing a prestigious and classy vehicle helps maintain a quality image and positive association.

Following on from that point; Company Car Leasing is ideal for going to and from meetings, travelling on motorways and long commutes etc. When your staff need to get somewhere a leased vehicle is the perfect option.

It’s plain to see just how valuable Company Car Leasing can be to a business, so if you find your interest peaked then why not have a search around? Do some of your own research and find out if leasing is suitable for you and your company.

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The Importance of Car Lease Comparison

It used to be that when you needed a new car, buying outright was the preferred solution. In today’s current financial climate however, people are more often than not turning to alternative methods of acquiring a vehicle. Leasing is an ideal way to get the best value for money as well as being a simple and beneficial process to go through. To ensure you find the best deal possible always make sure to perform a car lease comparison.

It’s important to get a great deal as one of the main reasons people take part in leasing is the elimination of stress. A better deal means a whole lot less hassle and more money saved. Because small monthly payments are made, instead of an upfront payment or huge bills, the process is a lot easier to get through and can massively benefit those who can’t afford to buy a car outright.

One of the other advantages is that you can drive away in the car you’ve always wanted too. Many people find that the best way to acquire their dream car is by taking part in a lease. Vehicles that were previously not in their price range are now available to them, which is a brilliant benefit to leasing deals.

As with all finance related options it’s definitely worth your time researching as much as possible before you invest. A lot of information is available on the various aspects of leasing deals and you’ll not regret looking up details that you may not understand. By making a comparison of all the options available you’re sure to find your perfect deal and an amazing car!

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How You Can Benefit From Car Lease Comparison

A bad financial climate and recession can drastically change the behaviour and attitude of the general public towards car purchases. This is why so many people are looking for newer alternative methods of getting their hands on a vehicle. Leasing is one of these methods and to get the best deal it’s essential to perform a car lease comparison.

Now don’t start worrying, a comparison is literally just a comparison. You can take off your gloves and put down this scalpel, this isn’t a precise operation that needs surgeon-like skills and abilities. All you need to do is compare the offers available to you to see which is the best.

There are more advantages than just getting rid of the worst deals and finding the diamonds in the rough though – by paying attention and taking in all the information you’ll find that you gain a lot of knowledge about the vehicle and the deals.

The more knowledgeable you are about a car (and about the leasing deal) the better chance you stand of getting a brilliant price during contract negotiations. The negotiations effect the price you’ll pay each month so it’s always a good idea to do your homework.

By performing a lease comparison you’ll be able to find the most amazing deals, you’ll have enough information to get your dream car and best of all – you’ll have the upper hand in the current financial climate by only having to pay monthly!

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