Top tips for choosing a family car

The majority of families in the UK can’t manage without a car; in fact, many households now have two or three vehicles between them. Finding a new motor suitable for kids and parents alike can be something of a chore – so here are some tips to ensure you get the right car for your needs.

How big is your family?

It might sound like an obvious question, but when you arrive at the forecourt and get cornered by a salesman, it can be easy to get drawn towards impractical vehicles. The first thing you’ll need to bear in mind is how many children you have and how old they are. After all, you’ll need more space if you have two or three young kids who need to ride in child seats.

Then you need to decide whether you’re planning to add to your brood any time soon. If you think extending your family is on the cards, buy a vehicle that has enough seats to accommodate more than one child.

Another consideration is whether you have teenagers and, if so, are they going to be learning to drive in the next few years? If the answer to both those questions is yes, you might want to invest in a small, relatively cheap car that’s suitable for a new driver, rather than replacing your larger family vehicle altogether.


Yes, you’ll need to consider the dreaded car insurance no matter what kind of vehicle you’re buying. It’s an essential expense and should certainly be something you factor into any budget you set aside for a new family motor.

This will be especially important if you’ve got a teenager who needs to be added to your policy as a learner, as this is likely to increase your premium. Contact your insurer to find out what kind of deal they’ll offer you and make sure you check out the competition to ensure you get the best possible price.

Another consideration if you have multiple vehicles is family fleet car insurance. This type of policy has been designed specifically with households that own numerous motors in mind, allowing you to reduce your overall insurance costs by grouping them all into one place.

Other than the potential for cheaper insurance bills overall, this has the added benefit of making your life much easier, as you’ll only need to pay a premium to one company each month, rather than three or four. Just think about how much quicker it’ll be to search for renewal quotes too!

Running costs

The running costs of a car are another thing you need to think carefully about before choosing a new motor. Many families are feeling the pinch in the UK, especially with the ever-increasing cost of fuel. This has made economical models increasingly popular and, while they may carry a slightly higher price tag than other comparative vehicles, they’re likely to be well worth the extra money when you work out your fuel consumption.

Don’t forget to research the cost of parts and repairs to the car as well. Some manufacturers make vehicles that are more expensive to maintain than others, so take this into consideration to ensure you don’t end up with any nasty surprises when your motor goes to the garage for its MOT or annual service.


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