Six Toyota Hybrids to Keep Your Eye On

Ever since their entry into the mainstream auto world, hybrid cars became a hot topic. These environmentally friendly cars produce less carbon emissions into the air than their gasoline and diesel counterparts and they have a better fuel mileage. The only downside to hybrid cars is that consumers do not have a wide selection from which to choose. However, Toyota has decided to solve this problem by releasing six different hybrid models for 2012. Take a sneak peek at what you could be driving very soon.

The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Many people have enjoyed the Toyota Highlander ever since it hit the market in 2001. And when this automobile maker came out with the hybrid version in 2006, the excitement over the Highlander was heightened. Now, Toyota has done it again by taking one of its most popular SUVs, the Rav4, and making a hybrid model. In 2012, the public will be introduced to the Rav4 electric version that will give Toyota a competitive edge over Ford’s Escape Hybrid. Auto experts feel that because Toyota collaborated with Tesla to develop the Rav4 Hybrid, this SUV will feature the functional aspects of the Prius.

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid

Minivan drivers have something to get excited about with the Toyota Sienna Hybrid. However, there is a question of whether or not Toyota will manage to release the Sienna Hybrid before Honda releases its Odyssey Hybrid. The minivan hybrid market has remained relatively untouched so far, which means the car maker who gets their hybrid minivan model to the public first will be in a good position to dominate the buying pool.

The Toyota Yaris

While the new Yaris is considered to have a more sporty design for its customers in Japan, where its called the Vitz, experts speculate that American consumers will soon see similar styles on their own turf. Between the horsepower and gas mileage, the Yaris is proving to be a big seller and comparable to the gold-standard of hybrids: the Prius. [Read more…]


Got an Old Chevelle – Take Care of This Little Slice of History The Easy Way

Having a classic car can be summed up in one word: fun! It’s fun to have a car that inspires people’s emotions. When they see you on the open road in your beautiful Chevelle, restored to perfection, they’re going to think — isn’t that great that you can still get so much fun out of an old car?

The classic cars are really what shaped so much of American culture. You can see them everywhere. If you’re a European collector trying to round out your collection of American historical cars, the Chevelles are a great way to begin.

But what about if you have an old Chevelle that needs some repairs but you don’t know where to start? That’s when you need to go and get more information. It’s tempting to just try to work with what you have but that’s not really the case. You have to make sure that you’re always pushing for more and getting things done as much as possible. You just need the right information, so don’t sweat it at all.

You will be able to find what you need at Ecklers Chevelle. When it comes to Internet sites, this site is packed with a lot of different pieces of information. There’s no reason to feel like you can’t cover everything in good time — you just need to make sure that you have the basic foundation to take good care of your car.

A lot of people try to skip over getting the right information, assuming that all cars are going to be the same. That’s just not the case at all. You want to always make sure that you are looking at all of the things needed to bring the Chevelle back to her former glory. If you try to treat car restoration with a one approach fits all mentality, you will not get very far at all. In fact, you will only make yourself upset when you find that this doesn’t get you very far at all.

Your classic car is a project that might take you a while. Ecklers Chevelle can get you the information you want, as well as the parts you need. This is an old car, so it’s obvious that not every retailer will have the parts that you need — you just need to make sure that you have put in as much as you possibly can to the process.

You’ll also find that the parts on the website are affordable, which is always a good thing — check it out for yourself!


The 2012 Audi A8: Where Form Meets Function

In terms of style, the 2012 Audi A8 series does not disappoint. Audi knows exactly how to make luxurious, comfortable, high-performance vehicles and the A8 is no exception. This year’s A8 already has car critics’ attention with its amazing mix of efficiency and luxury. The 2012 A8 is similar in body style to the previous year’s model; however, new and exciting features were included in 2012 to add to the car’s overall efficiency. The total measurement of the A8’s body length is 17.29 feet, featuring bright LED headlights at the front that perfectly compliment the body style of this car.

Driving Efficiency and Safety Features

In addition, the Audi A8 has several safety features like its inside-trunk emergency release button as well as its tire-pressure monitoring function. And in the grand tradition of the Audi make of vehicles, the 2012 A8 is equipped with features meant to enhance driving efficiency: parking sensors, a navigation system and and heated front and rear seats. Because the 2011 Audi A8 received negative reports by consumers who did not like the car’s 17-inch wheels, Audi decided to tweak the wheel size on the 2012 models by giving them 18-inch wheels.

Engine Performance

One of the best features of the 2012 Audi A8 is the way it performs on the road. With its turbocharged V8, 4.0-liter engine, this car can give its driver up to 310 horsepower, making it a gold standard in terms of road efficiency and raw power. This kind of engine is very capable of providing driver’s with excellent handling. It’s worth mentioning that the hybrid models, which are slated for release this year, have Audi’s Valve Lift system in addition to a four-cylinder unit to take driving performance to a whole new level.

Acceleration and Fuel Efficiency

There are more impressive features to the 2012 Audi A8 series, such as its acceleration capacity. This fast car can reach speeds of up to 100 km per hour within seven seconds, making it unlike any other comparable model on the market. As if that wasn’t enough to catch your attention, the Audi A8’s speed capacity is 210 km per hour. Along with this car’s speed and driving performance, it has amazing fuel efficiency. This model is designed to take only 3.5 gallons of gasoline in order to go a distance of 65 miles. Therefore, the 2012 A8 is considered to be among the most fuel efficient cars in its class.

With the release date for the 2012 Audi A8 series being set for the late summer, the auto maker is still developing more security features for this model. Keep your eye’s peeled because this Audi is going to be worth every cent of its $78,050 MSRP.


Four Popular 2011 SUV Releases

Now that 2011 is in full swing, car companies are working double-time to give the public bigger, faster and better cars. This year, there have been plenty of interesting SUV models coming off of the assembly lines. Take a look at what this industry is offering SUV shoppers in 2011.

The GMC Acadia Denali

The GMC Acadia Denali has already garnered a reputation for being sturdy, reliable and safe thanks to its uni-body construction. This stability feature along with its 270 pound-foot torque and 288 horsepower allow the Denali to handle steep roads with ease. While the Acadia Denali may be reliable, GMC has not sacrificed form. This SUV’s lavish design showcases an eye-catching front fascia and 22-inch chrome wheels in the popular six-spokes style. Of course, safety does not come cheap. The GMC Acadia Denali comes with a $43,995 sticker price.

The Infiniti QX56 4WD

This SUV has made a huge impact on the car industry. The Infiniti QX56 4WD’s engineering capability is extremely responsive in terms of steering. And considering its massive size and weight, the fact that QX56 can reach 60mph in as little as 6.1 seconds is something worth boasting. This SUV comes equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission and a large 5.6 liter, V8, 400 horsepower engine. Although these features seem rather excessive, a big SUV such as the Infiniti QX56 4WD requires a full load so its driver can enjoy exceptional balance and power.

The GMC Envoy SLE

Even though the GMC Envoy SLE is classified as an SUV, it performs more like a modern truck. The Envoy SLE’s truck-based underpinnings make this SUV suitable for heavy-duty transport and large workloads. However, these capabilities do detract from its fuel efficiency when comparing it to similar SUV’s noise levels and sizes. But the Envoy SLE makes up for what it lakes in fuel efficiency with its raw power on rough terrain and superior crash test results. With its 291 horsepower, 4.2 liter engine, this SUV can tow loads equal to its own weight up steep inclines. All in all, the GMC Envoy SLE is perfect for anyone searching for the perfect mix of pleasure and work.

The Cadillac Escalade 2WD

The final big boy on this list is the Cadillac Escalade 2WD. And when we say big, we really mean huge! This SUV is the epitome of spacious comfort and massive power. Within the Escalade 2WD’s 6.2-liter, V8-cylinder engine is over 400 horsepower of pure, intimidating muscle in a luxurious package. And the interior promises to not disappoint with its equally impressive features such as its multimedia functions, satellite navigational system and rear-view, on-board camera. If you are interested in getting one of these power-packed SUVs, be aware that your pockets will have to go as deep as $78,026.


New Reasons to Check Out a Ford Mustang!

The open road calls to us all in the summer, but are you really ready to get a good time on the open road? Not if you have a car that desperately needs to be replaced! Sure, you could hit the road in the car that you have, but is that really safe? Is that really going to give you the type of ride that you see actors take on in the movies? Not quite. It would be a lot smarter in the long run to actually go with something nice and new.

Since we’re in dream mode, why not turn to the Ford Mustang? This is a vehicle that definitely moves! You can get a lot done with the Ford Mustang, and the specs under the hood are definitely worth another look.

Let’s be honest — this is not really a car that you get in order to take the kids along, but you only live once, right?

Here are some of the things you might want to know about the new 2013 Ford Mustang.

You get two different styles with this car — you can go with the coupe or the convertible. Mustang convertibles are fun, but we prefer the coupe style.

The base coupe sports a 3.7L V6 DOHC engine with variable valve timing. It’s also got multi-point fuel injection, which tells you right off the bat this car was built for speed. You get 305 hp @ 6500 rpm, and 280 ft lb of torque @ 4250. This is a car that definitely allows you to enjoy putting the pedal to the metal if that’s what you really want to do. And why like — you really want to do that!

You do get good safety features. This is a car that handles the road well. There are anti-lock brakes, four-wheel disc brakes, and electronic traction control. This means that you can take on just about any environment without a problem at all.

What about the inside of the ‘Stang? You’re in luck — there’s plenty to enjoy here as well. You’re going to get a nice audio system with radio as well as a CD player. The CD system can handle MP3 CDs, which means road trips don’t have to be music-less at all.

Cruise control is also part of the package, along with front cup holders, floor mats, and an industry-leading airbag. You just never know what will happen on the open road, but this car has you covered for anything and everything that could possibly happen. Check it out today!


Love to Race – You Just Might Get Your Chance to Show the World What You Can Do!

Dreaming of racing fast cars one day? Not a professional driver right now? You don’t have to be a pro to hit the race track with the best drivers in the world.

The Make it Your Race contest is here, and it’s time for you to apply. Don’t believe us? Check out this video — it’ll give you the full scoop.



What you need to know right here and right now is that you need to be between 18 and 40, living somewhere in Europe, and NOT a professional racer. As long as you’re non-pro, you have a shot at being picked for one of the 105 slots available for the first stage: a super advanced driving course at the Varano Driving Academy in Parma!

It gets even better — you get to qualify for a chance at being in the top 24 drivers, who go on to an even tougher driving course — this time, it’s a real race driving course. The best 6 get to race an Abarth 599 “Assetto Corse” along with professional drivers. That’s tough, but the prize is worth it — you get to have an Abarth of your very own!

There are already 10,000 pre-registrations, so you better work quickly to register before it closes!

[Read more…]


Picture Yourself In a New Infiniti Coupe Today

The coupe style is nice for a lot of reasons: it’s small, compact, and it drives very, very well. Let’s face it — in a sea of minivans, don’t you want to stand out. You can get a practical car later. If you’re thinking about trying to get something that’s going to help you stand out from the crowd, you really need to check out the Infinite Coupe. It’s a coupe that’s definitely going to catch attention.

We have all of the best specs of the Infinite coupe. We went with the 2012 Infiniti G37.

This is definitely a car that catches attention. It’s a bit more expensive at $37,000 MSRP, but there’s a lot of features that make it worth it. You can even get this model in a hardtop convertible, which is definitely rare. Soft-top convertibles tend to be all of the rage, but the hard tops tend to be more durable over time and less prone to leaking.

When it comes to performance the G37 definitely has it. It’s got a 3.7L V-6 engine, which gives you plenty of “get up and go” power.

Not only that, you get 330 hp @ 7000 rpm — not bad at all. The transmission is a 7 speed automatic with overdrive capabilities. You will probably never need the overdrive, but it’s pretty cool to have it. This car can go 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds.

It’s rear-wheel drive, which means that you definitely want to keep those rear wheel tires in good condition.

Even though it’s a couple, it can still seat 4 passengers, and it still gives you 7.4 cu ft of cargo space. Clearly, this is not a car that’s designed to move people and cargo in great amounts. It’s more about being able to hit the road and drive very fast. Watch for those police officers! They’ll always slow you down in the end!

When you’re really trying to find the right car for you, you need to think about your goals and your budget. Clearly this isn’t going to be a car for everyone. For starters, the price tag tends to give you a little bit of sticker shock. Even though nobody really pays full price for their car and there’s plenty of wiggle room, the truth is that you still want to ensure you’ve crunched the numbers so that the car fits into your monthly budget. After all, there’s no sense of getting a hot Infiniti coupe if you won’t be able to keep up with the payments!


Choosing a Corolla

The Corolla has been a staple of Toyota’s production run since the earlier days. From 1966, the car has been an iconic example of Toyota’s proud work, and is still being manufactured today. With at least ten distinct ‘generations’ of vehicles to choose from, there are clearly a lot of previously owned Corollas on the market – so what do you need to consider when choosing yours?


Compact and subcompact are terms used to describe the size of a given vehicle. Simplified, a compact car is larger than a mini and as large as a mid-size car. Subcompact cars are smaller, filling a niche between compact and minis. If size is important to you, then whether your Corolla is compact or subcompact will be vital.

Earlier Corollas, up until the sixth generation (known as E90s) are commonly classified as subcompacts. They are small and light compared to later counterparts.

Toyota Corollas made after this point are consistently classified as compact cars, becoming larger and allowing more space. This includes the latest Toyota Corolla model, the E140, which continues the trend of providing more space.

Hatchback or Coupé?

Throughout its run, there have always been special or alternative models of the Corolla, allowing the model to branch into hatchback, coupé and sedan variants.

The Corolla Verso is a long running variant, marketed as a compact MPV with the functionality of a hatchback. It was produced between 1997 and 2009, so relatively modern models can still be found but no new versions are in production.

The current E140 model currently comes in a four-door sedan and a five-door station wagon variant. These provide you with a choice of interior space and design, should you have any preferences. Likewise, there is still a hatchback variant based on the same chassis, but this is commonly referred to as the Auris, not the Corolla.

Drive preference

Similar to its size, Toyota have updated the automobile layout of the Corolla. Early models had a preference for rear wheel drive, whilst more modern models, including the current E140, prefer front wheel drive. This is down to your preference but if it’s important it will affect the age of the Corolla you are looking for.

Alternatively, certain models, such as the Corolla Fensport, have provided the option of a 4×4 wheel base. Whilst the primary Corolla has always been a rear or front wheel drive, the sport variants boast a 4×4 design that will appeal to some.

Overall, there is more to a Corolla than being just another mass produced vehicle. Throughout its journey, it’s been a subcompact, a compact, a hatchback, a coupé and a sedan with rear, front and 4 wheel drive options. In short, the Corolla has managed to fill any potential niches in the automotive market making it a flexible and versatile car for any motorist.


Aftermarket Car Parts – Do You Really Need Them?

When it comes to aftermarket car parts, most people think of them as a tool that can be used to modify sports cars or as a replacement part that is purchased when something breaks down. There is another very important use for these aftermarket car parts, however, since upgrading the parts on your vehicle can often extend its life for many years. Many parts can also increase your driving safety when you’re on the roads.


In most cases the headlights that you purchase on a new car are not the safest ones available. If you live in areas where there is a lot of fog, for example, you’ll need to get aftermarket fog lights to add to your vehicle. If you have problems with your eyes and find that your night driving is being compromised due to your lights, there are headlights available that are specifically designed to help with night driving. In any case, the headlights provided by manufacturers are usually the basic models that can pass safety tests but are by no means the best quality.

Car covers

If you have to park your car outside you can add years of life to it by using car covers. Exposure to the elements is definitely going to damage and rust the exterior of your car quickly. Car covers offer the protection needed for cars exposed to the elements and can also protect sports cars that are being stored away.


As with headlights, you’ll be much better off using aftermarket mirrors than you will be with the average mirrors that are currently installed in your vehicle. Aftermarket mirrors can offer a certain safety value since they are available with a blind spot feature that gives you a better view of the road. If you have ever had an accident or a near accident as a result of not checking your blind spot correctly, you’ll realize exactly what type of value these mirrors offer.

As well, if you tow a trailer, there are mirrors that are built specifically for this task. These mirrors will give you a panoramic view of the back end of your car and trailer. You’ll feel a lot more secure driving with your trailer when you have a mirror designed specifically for towing attached to your car.

There are a lot of other aftermarket car parts available that will help to extend the life of your car or help you drive with more certainty on the road. If there is anything that you feel you’d like to have changed on your vehicle, think of aftermarket parts. There is probably a part available for your car, truck or SUV that can improve your driving conditions considerably.


The Benefits of Company Car Lease Deals

Taking a look at some of the information provided by the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) you’ll be able to see how private registrations have declined over the past few years. Registrations for fleet and business vehicles have been on the rise though; this is because many businesses find it much more beneficial to invest in financing and leasing options such as Company Car Lease deals.

There are a multitude of advantages that any business can expect to experience when entering a Company Car Lease deal. One of the most important aspects is the prestigious and positive impression a company will emit if they maintain an up-to-date fleet of attractive, modern vehicles. This gives off an extremely professional image and can also increase staff productivity as leased cars are perfect for motorway travel and long commutes (meetings etc).

One of the most beneficial gains from Company Car Leasing is the cost-effectiveness of the deal. Small monthly payments are immensely simpler to budget for than a large lump payment that needs to be paid up front. The depreciation of the vehicle’s future value will be of no concern to a business either as the leasing company takes care of the car after a contract has ended.

It’s obvious just how much a business can gain from taking part in Company Car Leasing; it’s a hugely valuable scheme to implement within a business and provides some worthwhile rewards to reap. If you’re interested and want to take advantage then dig a little deeper and find out some more about the options available.

Written by Jake who works for – one of the most successful independent Car Lease companies. also specialise in various finance packages such as; Contract Hire, Lease Purchase, Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase, Business Car Lease and Company Car Leasing.