Will Shipping a Car Invalidate its Warranty

Many people are concerned that if they start shipping a car, their warranty will suddenly become invalid. Of course, this depends on the terms and conditions of the individual policy. Generally speaking, shipping a car to another country will then mean that the vehicle is no longer covered. That being said, there are ways around this problem. For instance, a lot of people these days are looking at switching their current policy for an international vehicle policy. Although this might increase the overall cost, it does mean that the warranty is still valid.

Essentially, those people that are expecting to use their warranty outside the country where the warranty was valid will find that it suddenly becomes invalid. Another thing that a lot of people do is to ship the car abroad and then try and find an international car warranty policy. This is certainly not a wise decision, simply because the vehicle might breakdown before the warranty is purchased and therefore, the driver will be the one that has to pay for all the repairs.

You can check these resources for some usual terms and conditions:

In the majority of countries, the warranties are based on specific time durations. If a warranty expires, drivers have the option to extend that warranty so that they are still covered. Before trying to purchase international cover, it would be wise to have a standard warranty cover in place.

Generally, international cover is not as expensive as many people think and considering the features included in many policies, it actually offers excellent value for money. Contacting a local dealership or even the car manufacturer will lead to finding the best warranty provider for that particular vehicle.

When looking at a warranty, it is important to consider the repairs. Most cover is only valid if repairs are done by a recommended garage. It is important to see if this is till the case with a warranty provider in another country, as their restrictions might actually be slightly tighter and their recommended garages might be few and far between, which can cause issues in the long term.

Essentially, the answer to the question; will shipping a car invalidate its warranty? The answer tends to be yes. Warranty providers provide cover based on the car being in the country where it was purchased and therefore, if it is shipped elsewhere, they are likely to invalidate the warranty until the individual upgrades to international cover, which covers them all over the world.