Advice for reducing your motoring costs

Changing your attitudes when driving can help to bring the cost of motoring down, leading van lease company Northgate has advised.

motoring costs

The firm has recommended that motorists alter how they act when behind the wheel, by aiming to:

  • Change gears before the rev count becomes too high, in order to avoid putting undue strain on the car’s engine.
  • Take corners smoothly, so that less stress is placed on a vehicle’s steering components and its suspension system.
  • Adopt a more relaxed approach to accelerating, as this will put less pressure on a car’s clutch.
  • Opt to brake less harshly, due to this manoeuvre causing brake pads to wear down a lot quicker than they should.

As well as changing your driving habits in order to reduce the amount of wear-and-tear placed on a vehicle, Northgate acknowledged: “With many insurers offering cost reductions for gentle cornering and braking, sensible acceleration and even the location of the vehicle, the potential cost savings are significant.”

More tips on saving money by altering how you drive can be found by reading Northgate’s entire blog post on the topic.

The advice comes soon after RAC Fuel Watch research revealed that between June 24th — the day the UK’s EU Referendum result was announced — and July 12th, the average price of unleaded petrol rose by 0.54p at forecourts throughout the UK. There was a 0.73p increase in the average price of diesel in the same period too.

On top of this, Brian Madderson, the Chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association, predicted in June that the pound’s plunge against the dollar would be reflected by the nation’s wholesale fuel prices. This is because the price is quoted in dollars.

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