Biofuel biodiesel

Biofuel or biodiesel is one of the most important types of fuel that is being used as an alternative of fossil fuels. The energy biofuels and biodiesel produce are counted as green energy. The reason is that they keep the pollution level in control unlike the sources of black energy like coal and petroleum. They do not increase the temperature of the earth by producing the green house gases.

Moreover the price of these materials is quite low if compared to that of the conventional fuels. Hence many people are switching over to this as it is cost effective and good for the health of our planet. The general resources of these biofuels are plant and animal wastes which are quite rich in carbon content.

Biofuel biodiesel

But there are few alcohols which can also be used as biodiesel as they are easily soluble in water and can combust easily to generate energy. Often it is advised to use biodiesel as a mixing factor with the mineral diesel and the content of biofuel can go up to 15% of the total amount of fuel used.

Biodiesel can be considered as a more powerful solvent when compared to the regular mineral diesel. They do not generally block the fuel filter with the waste particles as the long usage of the mineral diesel can do. So before you start using biodiesel in your car you will be required to replace the old filter with a new one.

This will keep the tank and the pipes of the car perfectly clean with less waste production and this is why you just need to get them changed after long intervals. Hence the result of biodiesel usage is clean and a more efficient car. Sometimes ethanol which is also called the green substitute of normal diesel is used as biofuel or biodiesel.

Always make sure the engine of the car is compatible with it. Vegetable oil is another option that can be used as biodiesel but they are thicker by nature and this has been replaced with other alternatives now-a-days. The usage of biodiesel in cars is very popular in Europe as this is obviously in pure condition gives out the lowest emission.

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