What Can We Learn from Inchcape’s Luxurious New Showroom? Plenty!

Technology has spurred multiple changes across industries, with some changes being more disruptive than others. But can we take something as old fashioned as an in-person showroom and jazz things up? After looking at the news about Inchcape’s new showroom in West London, it seems like the answer is a resounding yes.

The new facility can be found by heading right off the A4 on Capital Interchange Way in Brentford. The space is so large that it supports 90 vehicles on four decks. The facility is large enough that it requires 70 people to help keep things running smoothly. This endeavor is now finished and this showroom is considered the largest of its kind yet. Constructed over a 1.6 acre site, there’s certainly plenty of room for everything. Customers will not feel trapped by the space in any way.

Plenty of delights are in place to excite Inchcape’s audience. Instead of having to wait for sales assistance, the customer is now empowered to look through the selection on their own. They can do this by using tablets or touchscreens that are scattered around the showroom.

Waiting on your car to be serviced can be quite lengthy, but the entire showroom has Wi-Fi offered as a complimentary service. Now you can sit, surf the Web and stay in the loop with zero hassle.

We can learn a lot from Inchcape’s showroom, because they are so incredibly focused on taking care of the customer. Over 28 service bays are on the property, where expert technicians can take care of just about any problem a vehicle could have. These experts are trained in the latest diagnostic techniques straight from the manufacturer, which means that it’ll take them less time to take care of your needs.

The most impressive feature of note would have to be the 140 inch moving video walls, where the staff can project just about any image they desire. We could also see this being great for sales trainings, which could make the team much more responsive as a whole.

The showroom is in a very high profile, high visibility location, just to the west of central London. Between all of the high tech touches and the attention to customer needs, it’s very likely that the largest Volkswagen UK showroom will soon become a market leader and example for everyone else to study, analyze, and imitate.

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