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Car Insurance Discounts for Young Drivers

One of the most costly times in parents’ lives is when their children turn 16, obtain their drivers’ licenses, and cause their parents car insurance rate to increase.  New car insurance premiums don’t necessarily have to be scarier than a horror movie. Follow these auto insurance tips to see if you qualify for some of these discounts.

Driving Course Discount

Teenagers are inexperienced drivers when they first receive their license. That inexperience makes auto insurance companies wary of insuring them, because they tend to make mistakes on the roads that more experienced drivers do not make. You could wait till you turn 25, or you could take action and sign up for a driving course.

A driving course is something that young drivers can use to learn the rules of the road and how to properly operate a vehicle. Using a driving course impresses car insurance companies and makes participating teens eligible for a discount. This is a way to gain more experience without waiting the years it normally takes to be considered an experienced driver by an insurance company.

Good Student Discount

Young drivers in high school and college can obtain a good student discount that can reduce rates, by at least 10 percent depending on the company and the child’s grades. You must show your car insurance agents your kids’ progress reports. If they are in mid-term but they know they will have at least a B average, they can present a letter from the principle or the dean. Show your insurance agent the kid’s report card or profess report from the principal or dean.

A Safe, Economical Car

A safe, economical car will not only be cheap and protect you in an accident, it will cost you less for insurance. Consider the cost of parts and repairs, purchase accordingly, and the insurance company will offer you a discount.

Park the Car in the Garage

There may not be many spaces for several vehicles in your garage, but you might want to ask Mom and Dad if they will let you park in the garage. Because your rates take the worst hit, it makes sense that you should have the advantage of a discount for keeping your car sheltered. Insurance companies know a vehicle is less vulnerable to being stolen or vandalized when it is safely locked in a private garage. They will offer you a discount because of it.

Low Mileage Discount

Lastly, if you’re going away to school, you can lower their auto insurance premiums significantly if you leave the car in the family garage rather than taking it with you to a faraway school. It will entitle you to a low mileage discount, because you will have limited access to the car and only drive it on occasion. Taking the bus is not nearly so bad as you imagine it. Campuses make sure that buses run frequently and make many stops. You’d be surprised how well you can get along without your car while school is in.