Could car leasing help drivers stay safer on the roads this winter?

With the stability of today’s economy still in question, many of us are continuing to budget hard to make ends meet each month, while looking for new ways to save money on essentials like motoring costs and household bills. New statistics show that many drivers these days are now choosing older vehicles over expensive new ones in an attempt to keep costs down, and with car owners holding onto their vehicles for longer and often avoiding regular services to avoid expense, this could mean extra problems on the roads as the winter weather approaches.

Of course, the obvious downsides of driving older cars for longer is the additional wear and tear, inevitably ending up with more essential repairs and growing garage bills. And with the winter weather on the horizon, conditions are likely to make driving an older car more dangerous. Wet, windy, snowy and icy weather all contribute to making winter driving even more hazardous and many older vehicles just don’t cope well. In a perfect world, buying a new car could be the answer, but for those who don’t have the spare cash to buy a new vehicle right now, a car lease deal is a great alternative option.

Car leasing offers a range of benefits; essentially letting you get behind the wheel of a new car for a lower initial payment than most purchasing deals. On-going monthly payments can also be surprisingly low too, fitting easily into most budgets. Like buying a new car, a car lease gives you access to a wide range of vehicle makes and models, from the nippy, economical city cars that offer great fuel economy and next to nothing road tax charges to the larger, executive cars with the power you need to make regular driving easy. There are also good options on working vehicles and vans. Useful add-ons like maintenance and servicing packages will give you complete peace of mind and lower garage costs regardless of the driving conditions.

Choosing car lease deals not only gets you behind the wheel of a stylish new vehicle, which you can choose to upgrade at the end of your agreement terms, but means you’ll be well-equipped with the latest technology ensuring you’re better prepared for the typical UK winter weather, making driving safer for you and others on the road.

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