How to save money on replacement car parts

There are two parts to any vehicle repair bill, the cost of the replacement car part and the cost of the labour to fit the part into your vehicle. Unfortunately there are many cases where drivers are stung for considerably more than they need to pay for their car parts, simply because they don’t consider alternative methods of sourcing their spare parts.

Parts can be sourced online with almost any part you can think of available to you. It is understandable that you may have previously visited a garage or dealership to source replacement car parts, simply for convenience. But with that convenience comes a premium and with motoring costs such as fuel and insurance increasing exponentially it is vital that you keep vehicle repair costs to an absolute minimum.

One way you can keep costs down and be simultaneously good to the environment is by purchasing used car parts. There are an increasing number of firms that source and retrieve end-of-life and damage-repairable vehicles with the aim of recycling and repackaging used car parts for use in other vehicles.

Some may consider fitting a used part that could go wrong at any moment to be a considerable risk. However, there are companies out there who will provide a guarantee for a set period to give you initial peace of mind.

There are many ‘wear and tear’ car parts in a vehicle, such as brakes, tyres and windscreen wipers that simply wear out and become ineffective over time and these need to be replaced regularly. However, the mistake some motorists make is not realising that aftermarket, recycled parts represent significant savings as they can last a significant amount of time at a greatly reduced cost to a brand new part.

If you do decide to get quotes for parts from dealerships it is important to contact multiple dealers instead of blindly agreeing to a single price quoted. You may find that the value of some parts vary greatly from dealer to dealer.

Vehicle owners who know their way around a car bonnet may also be able to source a used car part and fit it themselves too; avoiding the labour charges that many people pay through the nose for just to get their car back to roadworthy condition.

In summary, auto recyclers will often sell used parts for a fraction of the cost of a brand new part and there may be used car breakers located near you that can provide a good working product.

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How to save money on replacement car parts is written by ASM Auto Recycling, one of the UK’s leading auto recycling firms including a fast-growing department of over 250,000 used car parts for a host of worldwide models.

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