Paying Homage to the Chevy Pick-Up Truck

The first Chevrolet pick-up truck went on sale in 1918.  Back in the days, there were no big dealerships like Phoenix Chevrolet. The earliest Chevy truck models were much different than modern trucks; however, their initial trucks had a big impact on the automobile industry. Instead of using horses and other strong animals for hauling, people could use motorized vehicles. It was not uncommon to see ranchers and farmers using Chevy trucks for a wide variety of work purposes.

Louis Chevrolet and William Durant

The Chevrolet pick-up truck was meant to be a truck that was affordable for average people. When Louis Chevrolet and William Durant collaborated to make this dream a reality, they became a force to reckon with. Chevrolet had a love for the race cars he drove and Durant carried a grudge towards General Motors, which was the company he founded and was forced out of. However, his involvement with Chevrolet would help him regain his place at GM.

The Early Chevy Truck Models

The early Chevy truck models were crude compared to today’s standards. They featured a four-cylinder motor, transmissions and chassis cowl. The truck buyer was responsible for providing the cab, which could be bought from independent companies. However, most truck owners built their own cabs. Several years into production, Chevrolet would finally offer cab and no-cab options.

Although pick-up trucks were not built during the Chevrolet brand’s beginning years, they quickly became vehicles solely designed for work to trucks the whole family could enjoy. It wasn’t too long before their pick-up trucks became multipurpose vehicles.

The Economic Downturn of the 1980s

From the very start, Chevrolet trucks grew quickly in terms of popularity, forcefully knocking out their competition. But the economic turmoil of the 1980s took its toll on the United States and Chevy sales dropped in numbers. This prompted General Motors to create Chevrolet trucks with better gas mileage. So the company’s engineers set to work and developed a lighter truck version that catapulted the Chevy truck brand right back to the top.

Modern Improvements

Throughout its history, the Chevrolet pick-up truck has experienced many changes. Modern models let driver’s lay back in leather seats and enjoy cold air conditioning and great music that thumps from the radio and CD player. However, these trucks are not about frills. Chevy trucks have been revamped under the hood too. Improved aerodynamics, enhanced V8 engines and environmental and safety features all play a role in making the Chevy truck what it is today.

The Chevy truck fans across the nation attest to this brand’s quality and how Chevrolet pick-up truck drivers are die-hard enthusiasts. The fact that 40-year-old Chevrolet truck models are showcased at car shows makes it plain to see these trucks are valued for their durability and commitment to performance.

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