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6 Money-saving car leasing tips

If you don’t want to buy a car, there is plenty of appeals to leasing a car. For example, if you lease a car you can pay monthly payments, which can be significantly less than buying a car outright. The down payment can be small. The vehicle is brand new and covered by a warranty and it can help you get on track for purchasing/leasing a new car in short time. Although there is plenty of perks and benefits, you can find yourself in some sticky situations. That’s why we have put together a few money saving tips to keep you on track. Be sure to avoid leases that extend […]

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Why I’ll never go for dirty cheap

They say all that glitters isn’t gold, and it’s certainly the case of all that’s cheap isn’t cheap. My sister got a cheap lease car, and with every servicing it cost her an arm and a leg and more. Not helped by the unhelpful ‘sell em high, flog em cheap’ attitude of the people she went to lease from. My experience wasn’t bad at all, as I opted for a local leasing broker who was an accredited BVRLA member. My boss ended up using the same company based on my glowing reference, and he opted for a Golf lease, which he got at a bargain with sign writing included! All […]

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How Vauxhall Leasing can Ease Financial Woes

Vauxhall Motors is one of Britain’s most successful brands. A key automotive exporter, they’ve supplied people across the planet with fantastic, well-designed vehicles that have provided them with years of enjoyment. For decades Vauxhall has been at the forefront of innovation and reliability, but for a lot of people, the simple fact is that they just can’t afford a brand new car at the moment. Because of the concerns that have plagued the world’s financial markets over the years, a lot of people have had to adjust their budgets. Whether in a personal or commercial sense, people across the planet are making serious cuts to their monthly outgoings. The only […]

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Could car leasing help drivers stay safer on the roads this winter?

With the stability of today’s economy still in question, many of us are continuing to budget hard to make ends meet each month, while looking for new ways to save money on essentials like motoring costs and household bills. New statistics show that many drivers these days are now choosing older vehicles over expensive new ones in an attempt to keep costs down, and with car owners holding onto their vehicles for longer and often avoiding regular services to avoid expense, this could mean extra problems on the roads as the winter weather approaches. Of course, the obvious downsides of driving older cars for longer is the additional wear and […]

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