Top hire cars for work and family use

While it’s nice to own a car, for some households it isn’t cost effective to splash out on a brand new motor – or to upgrade it every few years. Hiring vehicles on long-term leases (two to four years) can therefore be a better option, especially if having a new motor is important for work.

However, it can be tricky to find vehicles that are not only suitable for use with your family, but that also look the part when you arrive at business meetings. Rather than having to meet the expense of buying a new automobile every few years, signing up to a competitive leasing offer with a firm like Listers Group may be a better option.

Here are a few of the top motors to consider if you’re looking for something that will be versatile and suitable for work and family life.

BMW 5 Series Diesel Touring

BMWs have long been favourites among executives due to their high-quality design and components, which make them reliable, a pleasure to drive and ensure they look fantastic. So, there are no worries on the work front if you go for a BMW 5 Series Diesel Touring model for your next company car.

From a family point of view, it also has a lot to recommend it, including its comfortable seats and practical features like a two-part tailgate and the option to fold down all three of the rear seats separately, allowing you to maximise your luggage space.

There are also a host of safety features in the vehicle that mean you and your family can be confident you’re protected when on the roads. As well as the usual reinforcements and deformation zones you’d expect, there are high-tech extras. These include an automatic connection to the BMW Assist Call Centre in the event of an accident, which alerts the authorities to your location, and a lane-change warning to make you aware of other motorists in your blind spot.

Honda Accord Tourer Estate

For a slightly more budget option, the Honda Accord could be a good bet. The model was named as one of the most reliable vehicles around by Warranty Direct last year, with the organisation noting the breakdown rate among owners of this car stood at just ten per cent.

While it’s not quite as stylish as a beemer, the Honda Accord Tourer won’t let you down when you pull up to work in it, so you needn’t worry you’ll be compromising in this way if you go for a vehicle by the Japanese automaker.

You can fold down the rear seats in a 60-40 split, so it’s not quite as versatile as the BMW 5 Series, but it does still have a modest luggage capacity of 395 l when the seats are up, or 675 l when they are fully vanned.

Toyota Prius+ Estate

The Toyota Prius+ is the latest incarnation of the eco-friendly hybrid and it’s designed to accommodate families, as well as save you money on your fuel bills and road tax!

This is an ideal choice if you’ve got a larger family, as it has seven seats but isn’t that much bigger than the standard Prius, so it won’t look overly huge if you’re also using it to drive for work.

Practicality is a big thing in the Prius+, with all three of the middle seats capable of being folded individually, while you can also slide them right back to maximise legroom when the rear seats aren’t being used. Boot space is very respectable at more than 200 l with all the seats up, while this increases to close to 500 l if you van the rear seats.

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