Why I’ll never go for dirty cheap

They say all that glitters isn’t gold, and it’s certainly the case of all that’s cheap isn’t cheap. My sister got a cheap lease car, and with every servicing it cost her an arm and a leg and more. Not helped by the unhelpful ‘sell em high, flog em cheap’ attitude of the people she went to lease from. My experience wasn’t bad at all, as I opted for a local leasing broker who was an accredited BVRLA member. My boss ended up using the same company based on my glowing reference, and he opted for a Golf lease, which he got at a bargain with sign writing included!

car leasing
All I can say is that an experience with car leasing can be brilliant if you choose wisely, and really decide what it is you’re looking for. If you want a cheap car with no frills, then that’s fine, but it’s important to recognise that when you need a car maintained or service you will be forking out more than if you got an all in one deal like I did. Why should you get an all in one package I hear you ask? With servicing, maintenance factored into a lease quote, it doesn’t usually come up to too much more, and there are many who say it’s been fully worth it for the fact that they can just drop their car in for a service without needing to fill in bundles of paper work or forms. Hassle free, easy transport. That’s what I like!

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